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And then there was us…alone together.

3 Feb

Whether we want to admit it or not, insecurities are a constant struggle. -theVar

While perusing the internet last night I came across an article on the state of “our” sadness in correlation to Facebook. Wow. What an eye opener. I’d never thought about the fact of Facebook creating this mode of thinking that other people are happier than me. I seriously attributed my self-deprecating tendencies to the lack of happy pills in my routine. Maybe I should remove Facebook from my life?! *raises eyebrow* Naahhhh! I’ll gladly subject myself to this “grass is always greener” mentality–mostly because I’m a masochist. Just ask my last boyfriend.

In all seriousness though, Elana Premack Sandler brings up a good point about how “I [am] playing into this dynamic myself.” Despite the fact that I’d like to think I have and will tell my Facebook constituents that I’m a scared little boy and don’t know what I’m doing with my life or how I couldn’t pay my rent because of poor money management, the reality is I’ve created this bubble of My. Life. Rules. My selective identity is very close to the one she describes for herself. Hell, this rings true for 99% of the people I follow on Facebook. But then again, is Facebook the place to air your dirty laundry?

I’m going to be the first to tell you I don’t want to hear about your sad sack of a life. That’s why you pay your therapist; however, throwing out dirty intel about your less than perfect life here and there couldn’t hurt either. I mean, we have to be honest with ourselves first if we intend on growing as individuals. Your…correction…Our lives aren’t perfect, and to pretend otherwise makes us seem, well, fake.

I’m not saying that I’m going to tell you about the next time I get diarrhea and shit my pants in the grocery store, but I will give this notion of Facebook making us “alone together” a little more thought the next time I compose a status update. What are your reactions now that you see Facebook through a different lens?


Get off your arse, and say hi!

12 Nov

I’m constantly told that I’m a social bird–a fact that I can’t deny. If there’s an event going on, I am there, or at least I’ll try to be there. Chances are on any given day, I’ve double or triple booked and will either hit all of the happenings or missed them all entirely. Look. A social bird needs nest time, too. I choose to embrace the social aspect of living. However, I know many that don’t and won’t and find socializing quite difficult. That’s a concept I don’t understand. It’s so easy to say hi to a stranger and strike up a conversation. Be like Nike and… Continue reading

Your Chester Update

8 Oct

Scoundrels, as you may remember we brought you the story of Chester and how we thought his use of Facebook was going to get him fired.

Well boy, was the joke on us.

Chester just so happens to be his company’s new head of Web Operations and Social Media.

Yes, you read that right. The one person at his company that has garnered negative PR via social media is now in charge of running it.

Bravo, Chester’s boss. Bravo.

Facebook breakup math is a load of shit.

23 Sep


image courtesy of http://joshuagarity.com


Boy + Girl = Introduced by me.
Boy + Girl = Break up.
Girl – Boy = – Me?

What the fuck did I do other than give the wench a winning boyfriend, great sex, and well, a chance at finding love? Yet, I’m the one being punished. (Obviously, I’m not over this break up yet.)

When you have friends break up over social media, why do you become collateral damage?

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