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Guest Post: Venus may be in retrograde, but she needs you.

27 Sep

This post comes from Sinn Dixie. Woooo-wee this woman’s a firecracker. Hailing from the jambalaya clutches  of our dirty South, this ex-derby gal explores the notion of independent women, the men in their lives, and preventing the chasm such a collision can leave in its wake. Weigh in and let’s get into some thirty talk.

Image courtesy of http://thesmugger.com

Someone recently told me that she was tired of being called intimidating. Many of the gals in my circle of friends get labeled the same thing. Hell, my now husband said the same thing about me about a month after I met him. Continue reading


The Dirty Thirty: Manscaping

17 Jun

man· scaping [man-skeyping], (v.)   1. a mans grooming of his body hair.  2. grooming of a man’s nether regions.

Metrosexual is a term that’s so (to quote Fergie) 2000 and late. So why is manscaping still a topic of conversation? Because I brought it up! Just kidding. Honestly, inquiring minds want to know.

We’re in our 30’s. Much of life is about image, and I want to know just how far men are willing to push the envelope. When it comes to manscaping I’ve been hearing it all. On one hand, I’ve talk to men that consider it a toss up between comfort and confidence.Then, there were the men that found it as simple as wax or cream. I’m an electric razor kinda guy myself when it comes to BB and pellet, if you know what I mean.

It’s summertime. Many of you may feel the need to trim the shrubs for breathability. Others of you may like the tropical musk that you can only find in a rain forest. So the question is, how do you feel about manscaping? Is it necessary? How much is too much?

P.S. For those that are new to manscaping in general (bless your soul) check out this how to video.

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