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When paths diverge

28 Sep

There are times in life where you realize that you are on a different path than all of your friends.

There you are. Alone. And it’s your choices that have gotten you there.

I realized this about myself a few weeks ago. I’ll soon be the first of most of my friends to crap out a baby. Many of the friends in my circle don’t ever intend to have kiddos. But hey, this is no sob story, I stand by my decision to start a family.

The thing is, while it seems to happen at one moment when you’ve made a huge decision for yourself, you and your friends, and all the people around you are all actually on different paths. All the time. Continue reading


Meet Exhaustion’s little friend.

26 Aug

The correlation between exhaustion, loneliness, and comfort has eluded me for years. Until Tuesday night, they were mutually exclusive states of being. While chatting it up with Benji after a fantastic meal hosted by Venue and Republic Tequila, which was comfort in itself (nom, nom, gulp), he stated, “You know, when I’m tired, I feel so…vulnerable.” Vulnerable? Like raping him and taking his wallet vulnerable? Or was this about to be a Dr. Phil moment vulnerable? I just wasn’t sure. Then he explained. Continue reading

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