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Unrequited love my ass!

29 Jun

By LeVar Battle
Blogger of StraightenMyTie

It’s bullshit. I studied English and Literature in college and thought the same thing then; however, I must admit, as of late, I’ve started to sing another tune.  There was a boy. He moved on for greener pastures. Now I’m left holding the bag to sow my own. The thing is, I ‘m still caught up on him. He doesn’t just cross my mind. He gets up in there, takes a seat, gives me the tisk-tisk and head shake then decides to cook breakfast for himself before leaving me in a state of “what happened to us?” And even though, this situation is stuck on replay in my head every day, I can’t bring myself to tell him—I Love You! You see before setting off on his endeavor we were just dating. No big commitment. Only dating.  And I fell hard. But now that he’s gone what do I do? He’s in another state. I’m here.  This has consumed my mind all night and today so far.

So I turned to the TTTM followers on Twitter and Facebook to see if others shared in my experience and what they thought of the notion of unrequited love. The conversation was interesting on TTTM Twitter. We asked, “Are we too old for unrequited love? When does it seem immature to love someone from afar instead of laying it all on the line?” One of the responses we received was, “Unrequited love is never immature, only the way we sometimes choose to handle it.”  To that I ask, “How can you measure maturity when dealing with such a concept as unrequited love?” Let’s face it. Love in general tends to make us act out of character, so to speak. What are your thoughts on how I should handle my unrequited love?


Guest Post: The Balancing Act Pt. 2

16 Jun

In “The Balancing Act Pt. 1” we were given a glimpse into how the positive chaos in DinoKitten’s life had manifested itself negatively in her relationship(s).  So, naturally, in Pt. 2 we are about to dive into an emotional cesspool of feeling relationship isolation and the need to gain middle ground with the partner she loves.

I’m so confused.

I’m not the best communicator. Normally, I’d say communication follows the order of 1-2-3. But, me, I generally communicate  1-3-2-1-3  or something. Perhaps that is why I chose the chaotic life, and why I have a love/hate
relationship with it. It can be fun to take chances, move to big new cities, be brave, experience third world counties. It builds a nice tough skin that lets you love and appreciate the earth. The chaotic life sucks sometimes also, mostly when it’s only about work, and those things you like to do—yeah, they don’t get done anymore. Work, work, work, work, work, work, work = 50-60 hours a week = too tired to think/care/indulge in anything else.

Is there anyone out there reading this that has a great ability to balance things? Can a chaotic life be capable of this? Please say, yes! Two sides to this question, from my current perspective and situation on how I feel balance is affecting me personally:

Me on HIM: Do you take the two minutes to stop what you are doing to look her in the eyes and say hello, connect, hug? Do you think to ask if she may want something to eat also? Did you make time to have a relationship and not just be a workaholic? Do you ever talk about anything other than work? Why did you stop being so passionate about me and now only about work? Why don’t you act like you love me? Why don’t you make time for me? Why do you answer everyone else’s calls and texts while we’re out at dinner, but you never respond to mine?

Me on ME: Why don’t I make time to create more? If I created more—painting, drawing, photoshop—maybe I wouldn’t be so consumed with how much my relationship seems to be failing and how he doesn’t seem to care about anything but work. I should take the dog on more walks. I should find and explore more to do with myself. I should make more friends. I should really keep my promise to take my friend out to lunch. I should go find a new trail and hike it. I wish I had time to do all these things. Why does he never look at me anymore? I’m invisible. Maybe if I made more time to do things for me and told him to go jump in a lake I’d be a real 30 something, independent, classy… sigh. I’m crazy, aren’t I?


Dear (my) partner:  It feels like you go out of your way to NOT look at me. I see you examine all the walls, people, objects with your eyes, only to never meet mine. It makes my heart pound with a slow chisel of death as each month, week, day, hour, minute and then finally… second goes by that you no longer look or feel for me. Why are you even with me? I’ve tried to ask and tell you my needs. I’ve asked what’s a solution for you to balance our relationship. Why don’t you do it?

Dear reader:  If you feel like your partner is giving you the invisible treatment, then I feel for you. If you are the partner not taking fragments of time each day to acknowledge, hug, connect, then I hope you realize how painful that is, and that you should stop. NOW.

Balance comes in lots of forms. This entry was geared towards a relationship, but it can be the same for your personal hobby, exercise, etc… How do YOU make time for these things? The older we get, the more impossible it seems to become.


Thirty is the new 16

20 May

When E.D. wrote in with a story about regressing back to teenage behavior, we knew she couldn’t be alone.

Age 30 causes teenage behavior to come back? Wait just a minute!

Well I’ve been 30 now for four months, which, by the way, was welcomed with one hell of a stomach virus…you can probably imagine what I was thinking – it can only get better from here, right? So after the terrible virus, everything was going pretty well at age 30 – I didn’t have too many complaints. That is until I decided to completely regress back to a previous decade.

From my recent 30-year-old experience, happened last Friday, I’m really hoping these crazy, raging teenage-like behaviors I’m dealing with will diminish soon.

Situation: At an awesome concert, a little intoxicated – I’m a 30-year-old single mom so I don’t get out much or drink much anymore – and the fantastic night ends with a little scene I decided to act out called, Drunk girlfriend gets pissed off boyfriend is talking to ex-girlfriend.

I’m pretty damn sure I haven’t done ANYTHING like that since oh, say, I was a teenager. I have now decided that the only possible explanation of this behavior is definitely because I am now 30. There can’t be any other reason I can think of, can you?

Man I felt like a complete idiot the next day when recalling yelling, screaming and making my sweet boyfriend feel like a piece of crap. He forgave my ridiculous behavior – thank goodness.

Yay for being 30 and Yay for teenage-like behaviors! Will they go away?

– E.D.

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