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Dirty Thirty: You have sex how many times a week?

21 Oct

I’m not going to lie.  It’s been over a week since my lady bits have been visited by someone other than me.  Don’t think I’ve been neglectful. *shakes head* Oh, no. But my sexy piece of ass was out of town, then sick and we’re moving, so there just hasn’t been time.

And in all truth, ever since sticking the old bun in the oven, I’m not always in the mood anyways. Especially after 7pm. So as much as I’d love to throw on some lingerie and hooker heels- dude, I’m tired.

Real life is so unglamorous sometimes.

I got to thinking. As a pattern in my relationships, things start out hot and heavy with so much pipe laying in one day, that I suspect my man is actually a plumber. Then things tend to normalize: a few times a week. Still rad, dirty, hot and satisfying, but less in frequency.

Is this normal? Some magazines have me believing that the only normal sexual behavior is trying new positions every day, most of which do not look particularly comfortable, and how the hell do you do that without pulling your back?


Scoundrels, we’ve discussed changes in sex drive in our 30s, but I don’t think we’ve ever fessed up to how much we’re getting laid. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is going to have words with me for disclosing deets about our sex life, but you know, greater good. Okay, so I put it out there, now assure me that it’s normal. Or at least reasonable.


Dirty Thirty: Porn

25 Jun

Porn, porn and more porn!

By Sara Downey
Blogger of meanest look

Scoundrels, you nearly got an article today on female masturbation. Unfortunately or fortunately for you all, I stumbled upon something far greater in my research.

While searching the Google for articles on female masturbation, I instead came across a porn site showing women getting down on themselves.

My gentleman friend, curious as to what that delightful sound was coming from my MacBook, leaned over and got very excited at what I was watching. Very excited.

So here we are. Ladies, gents, couples- I want to know. How much does porn play a role in your sex life. Solo, or getttin’ dirty as a team? Maybe it’s just me, but I like it. -Mom and Dad- Stop reading right now!

I think a little visual stimulation goes a long way in getting rowdy for a romp. I know there are some that are completely repulsed by the idea, by the existence of porn in the first place. Those people probably don’t read this blog. And if they do, I hope they pipe up. So tell me all about what dirty slice of heaven you enjoy. Or if you think it’s ewwwie, ewwwie, gross?

Talk thirty to me, scoundrels.

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