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Dirty Thirty: Diddle

29 Jul

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By Sara Downey
Blogger for meanest look

Had a conversation with some girlfriends the other day. About sex of course. This time it was masturbation. Did you know that 11% of women surveyed by the Kinsey Institute claim they have never masturbated?

I spend 11% of every single day diddling myself.

And I know that I’m not totally alone on this. After I pulled a muscle in my back doing the deed, I asked people if they had ever had similar injuries. One girl said, “sometimes you have to get athletic.” And another said, “I’ve been in some awkward situations with myself.”

Glad to know I’m not the only one with masturbation related back injuries.

Back to that 11%! Whoa, that’s a hard number for me to swallow.

Now I’m curious.

How many of you get down wit ‘cho bad self?

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