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Guest Post: Fuck, someone noticed!

27 Jan

Today our girl Shel talks about some hard shit. On one hand she’s talking about her weight  and health and how she’s going to deal with her situation.  But she’s also echoing the ideas of accountability and community that we’ve been mentioning this week. I must say, I’m on board with you, Shel! Be it support, well-timed jokes, or recipe swaps, I’m on Team Shel for this awesome undertaking.  <3

Last week, my best friend said I was fat.  I am paraphrasing, of course.  And while it came from a place of love, there was a second when I thought to myself “fuck, someone noticed!”  Umm…duh.

I have lived all my life pretty much ignoring the fact that I have weight issues and I am always so shocked when someone brings it up, or when my VW sized ass prevents me from doing something or wearing something that I feel like I should be able to do. 

In elementary school, it was noticed and brought up, but so was big ears, being tall, being short, being skinny, etc…everyone gets picked on in elementary school so it never seemed anything but ordinary.  In junior high, it was noticed but I was smart and funny, played volleyball and basketball and was a pretty popular fat kid.  So again, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  In high school, I was super punk rock and played the violin.  I purposefully made myself noticed.  I was “the girl with the mohawk”, not the “fat girl”.  In my adult life, I have never wanted for friends, boyfriends, sex partners.  I have never let the fact that I wasn’t a size 6 stand in my way of getting anything I wanted.  My heath has always been good, no high blood pressure, no diabetes, never had high cholesterol.  I am outgoing, vivacious, fucking adorable and have always been up to something.  Not to mention a better than average self-esteem.  In short, my junk in the trunk was easy to ignore.  Until last week.

Last week, over an amazing Venezuelan dinner in NYC, my best friend said I was fat.  We talked about it, nothing was ignored, reality was on the table.  And because I love myself almost as much as he loves me, I committed to him that I would speak to my doctor and have a serious conversation regarding my weight.  Friday, after the nurse returned a blood pressure reading of ‘high’ for the first time in my life, that conversation happened.  I would say my timing is impeccable.

I talked, my doctor listened.  My doctor talked, I listed.  It was a highly productive and given my blood pressure rating, highly motivational chat.  Apparently, as you get older (wait…I am older too?  Son of a bitch!) your body has a more difficult time compensating for extra weight.  Everything works harder, your heart, your liver and kidneys, and therefore runs down much quicker.  And frankly, I have no time to be running down.  I have way too much shit to do.

So, with that conversation, some typical obsessive/compulsive spreadsheet creation, and enrolling some key people in my goal, a number was set. 50 pounds by Jan 01, 2012.  I struggled with whether or not to put this out into the public domain but I am hoping by doing that, I will be held accountable.  By saying the words out loud, I have made it real.  Here’s to keeping it real, ya’all.

By the way, my BFF also said that I am whoring around too much (validating my self-esteem, thank you!) and drinking too much.  In my defense, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I need a cocktail.  One thing at a time.


Community:: #reverb10–Day 7

7 Dec

Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

Image courtesy of http://brown.edu

I really wanted to bring you some mind-jolting, esoteric concept of how I discovered community in 2010, but the reality is, well, I’m not that smart. Besides, my discovery of community in 2010 has been so much more personal and everyday. I mean, my discovery of community has happened in 3 distinct, but not mutually exclusive, worlds.

The first being Twitter. Who would have thought you could make such great and meaningful relationships through Twitter? Hell, if you let my buddy Geoff tell it, Twitter is the spot between the twat and the shitter. Geoff, I’m here to tell you different my friend. Twitter has been the spot between my right and left ventricles. Yep. Snuggled right up in the gooey part.

My second discovery of community was right here with all of you. You scoundrels continue to rock my world–sharing your stories; imparting your knowledge, advice, and support for each other; not to mention giving Sport and I a grand ol’ laugh. All. The. Time. This is one community I can say I’m effing proud to be a part of, and I’m glad to see it growing daily.

The last community that has really been a driving force for me this year is the community of friends that I have around me. I am miles 10 times over away from home, and my  friends never fail to give me that sense of family here in Denver. To all of you, I say thanks, and let’s hug it out. I love you all.

I hope all 3 of these communities grow stronger (I’m talking about spinach-eating-stronger) in 2011. I look forward to more fun times and amazeballs experiences in each of them.

Now I present the same question to you: Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

You down with philanthropy, yeah you know me!

20 Jul

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Cheesy. I know. Bite me. Now to the convo at hand–philanthropy in your 30s. Last weekend I attended Taste of the Nation. I have to say this is an event of Gastronomical proportions.  I’m talking 30+ of Denver’s hottest eateries, distilleries, breweries, and so much more. I truly got my nom nom on. I dropped a ton of money. Not that I wouldn’t normally, but this was an event that I didn’t mind getting behind (keep the jokes to yourself). All of the proceeds from this event goes towards anti-hunger–a valiant attempt to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry.

Over here at TTTM, community is intertwined into every thread of our beings. I don’t know about you Scoundrels, but the older I get the more I want to give back. I quite often think that (financially speaking) I’m not that fortunate. What? I can digress, too. Geesh. Give a guy a break. Nonetheless, when I stop and think about all of the micro-communities surrounding me on a daily basis that have so much less and without people/organizations like Share Our Strength, like volunteers, like you, like me, these communities wouldn’t stand a a snowballs chance in hell. This makes me snap back to the reality that I can help. I can be apart of something bigger than myself and really make a difference.

What are your stories of philanthropy in your 30s? Now that you’re older and wiser is the urge to give back stronger than ever? Share your stories with us. Let’s get this community out into the community.

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