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Somtimes I Ebb; Other Times I Flow

5 Nov

Wow, scoundrels. Let’s take a minute and talk about the ‘C’ word. Stop it! I’m talking about Change, not c^#t, but I like the way y’all think. *tisk, tisk* There has been so much going on lately. The leaves have changed and fall is here. We had an election this week that caused a lot of tectonic plate shifting. I lost a friend just as we were getting closer by the tweet. And last, but not least by far, I quit my J.O.B. If you’re wondering, the latter was to give more of my time to you! Just kidding. Only a little time to you. Just kidding. I’m becoming a pilot. Just kidding. I don’t like to fly. Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding. LMAO. Holy, ish. I crack myself up. Anyhoo!

Yeah. Wow. Change. That’s a pretty heady word. A pretty heady concept to wrap your mind around. For the most part, many of us are unwilling to tackle it head on. We are unmoved by the positive that could birth new opportunities from change. Continue reading


Guest Post – Girl: Rediscovered

25 Aug

Today’s guest post comes from a fellow blogger that’s been a great supporter of TTTM. Erika Napoletano is RedheadWriting. She is single, an admitted shoe and cycling gear whore and lives on the east side of Denver with her two dogs and two cats. Her website is a bastion for unpopular thoughts and blunt advice and at age 37.75, she still believes in true love, unicorns and the power of a banana milkshake to deliver salvation.

I stared into my closet like it was a pile of receipts at tax time. How had this happened?

While I was sleeping (or while I had better things to do), someone snuck into my closet and replaced my cuteness with…comfortable. Colorado chic. BLARGH.

After throwing up just a touch, it began. Piece by piece, the clothes landed on the bed. Frumpy,  Bought and Never Worn, From 2004, Hadn’t Worn in Two Years and Who the FUCK Bought THAT all had a gang bang on my bed. Then: the shoes. Rejects from my corporate attire days and others that are entirely too comfortable…IN THE PILE!

When I finished, I was left with a spartan space, but one with infinite potential.

It was time to go and find my girl. The bitch had run off and I had an idea where she was lurking. Continue reading

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