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Self-employment, Hustling, & Webinars

30 Nov

I love when I tell people I’m self-employed. Their minds immediately go ‘a.k.a. unemployed’. Bastards! I said self-employed. I have income coming in, or at least, I will in a few days. *eye roll* Get off my back. The past few weeks have been filled with getting my hustle on. Yes. I used the word hustle. Not referring to drug dealing. Just hustling.

I’ve gotta say I feel like I’m in college all over again. Being self-employed has meant studying and homework and research and papers (proposals/contracts) and all kinds of other learning and tools.

Sidebar: We have a lot of readers that are  bloggers and/or writers, and I found a Webinar that you might be excited about. Let’s face it, blogging and writing is hard work–constantly thinking of topics, trying to expand the reach of your blog or website, and the list goes on. Sport and I deal with this everyday. Annnnddddd how! SEO strategy (which we are learning) is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal to ease the process. If you’d like to get up on the action, we scored you a discount code. When registering, enter sk0256 for  10% off this 3-part series. Besides, you’ll probably have a virtual seat next to us at the Webinar. With Mike Belasco, President, seOverflow; Alysson Fergison, Owner, SEOAly; Shelly Kramer, Chief Imagination Officer, V3 Integrated Marketing; and Erika Napoletano, the Head Redhead at Redhead Writing at the helm, you’ll be in good hands. Not Allstate, you Silly Willy’s.

Now where were we? Oh, right. Self-employment = College (all over again). Of course, this time it is sans the dorms. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. The jocks, prima donnas, cheerleaders, and uppity cows (in my best Brian Fellow voice) are ever present, but they are manageable now.

My sudden career change has been exhilarating, scary, ball sweaty, freeing, and enlightening. Are any of you scoundrels dealing with a career change? Self-employed? Any pointers for this newbie?


Guest Post: A day in the life- shut off that fucking alarm, and where did this peanut butter come from?

20 Oct

Raw! After reading this, that was the first word that came to mind. I love the Talk Thirty To Me community because of posts like this—when we all get to peep into the private and intimate moments of other Scoundrels’ lives. However, I could do without the 7:15am mention. vaguelycool, thanks for your open, way informative, and give-me-a-laugh post. I don’t envy you. Nonetheless, I’m sure we have some mommies, wives, and all around, up-to-their necks women out there that are definitely relating to you right now. Happy reading, Scoundrels.

This was written at a stoplight.

I have no GD time. I have literally composed, edited and submitted this piece at stoplights from Denver to DTC over the last two weeks. I’m a working mother of two rascals and I have not one minute to myself in a day. I used to shop at Banana Republic between appointments during the week, swan into wine bars at 5pm and entertain clients/friends until the wee hours. I had time to read magazines, get pedicures and go on dates with my husband, and then things changed. For the better definitely, but time just…disappeared.

Here’s what my day looks like. Mind you, this is just an average weekday, not inclu

ding special events, friends/family in town or heaven forbid, a date with my husband. Just a regular day.

My day starts at 12.01am. I have been asleep for about an hour with any luck.

3:30am – feed infant son, burp him, change his little pants, settle him back to sleep

Oh, the joys of doing it all. Image courtsey of parmeter.net

4:15am – “pump my bosoms” as my 2yr old says

4:30am – go back to sleep

5:30am – husband’s stupid alarm goes off

5:40am – husband’s stupid alarm goes off

5:50 am – husband’s GODDAMNED stupid alarm goes off

6:00am – (GETTHEFUCKOUTOFBEDYOUMOTHERFUCKER) husband’s stupid alarm is turned off, husband gets out of bed

6:30am – a) infant son wakes and cries or b)2yr old daughter wakes and begins the “MUUMMYYY” deal

7:00am – nanny arrives (thank GOD)

7:15am – “pump my bosoms” and eat something – usually simultaneously

8:30am – or sometimes 9:00am – I arrive at my office

9:15am – usually discover snot, sick, yogurt or peanut butter on my suit

9:30am – 5:00pm – various meetings, lunches, pointless paper bullshit, fun client meetings and other money making duties – will typically drive about 60miles throughout the day – smile on face – pump my bosoms at 10:00am and 2:00pm – usually in a toilet stall or in my car in a parking lot

6:00pm – battle traffic home unless there is a client drinkies (here’s hoping) at a downtown wine bar

6:15 – get smothered by kisses from 2yr old, bowled over by hairy dog, receive download from nanny (learn of everyone’s poops, including graphic descriptions, and timeouts of the day, among other things)

6:45pm – complete reading an average of 6 bedtime stories, brush dolly’s hair, change a few diapers, feed dog, unpack bosom pumping bag, pump bosoms, get dinner going

8:00pm – sit down to dinner with husband. Inhale two glasses of wine (compulsory) – watch news

9:00pm – start the two hour process of going to bed – finish emails, put laundry away, pump my bosoms, husband feeds infant son

10:30pm – get into bed, attempt to read 2 pages of book (usually same 2 pages I read the night prior as I can’t remember what the book is about). Husband feeds infant son.

3:30am – get up to pump my bosoms – email TheVar about how I should write a story about how little fucking time I have…….and every single day I marvel at how lucky I am to have such a wonderful life. I’m not kidding.

Your Chester Update

8 Oct

Scoundrels, as you may remember we brought you the story of Chester and how we thought his use of Facebook was going to get him fired.

Well boy, was the joke on us.

Chester just so happens to be his company’s new head of Web Operations and Social Media.

Yes, you read that right. The one person at his company that has garnered negative PR via social media is now in charge of running it.

Bravo, Chester’s boss. Bravo.

When paths diverge

28 Sep

There are times in life where you realize that you are on a different path than all of your friends.

There you are. Alone. And it’s your choices that have gotten you there.

I realized this about myself a few weeks ago. I’ll soon be the first of most of my friends to crap out a baby. Many of the friends in my circle don’t ever intend to have kiddos. But hey, this is no sob story, I stand by my decision to start a family.

The thing is, while it seems to happen at one moment when you’ve made a huge decision for yourself, you and your friends, and all the people around you are all actually on different paths. All the time. Continue reading

Guest Post: Office Politics

10 Sep

By Kelly Tidd
Blogger for Gum In My Hair

When I was in my early twenties, I was working some weird retail job. I told myself, “Yeah, just wait. Just wait until I get my degree, then you suckers can kiss my ass, I’m cubicle-bound!”

So I graduated (albeit a little late) and I got myself a fancy office job. With a cubicle and everything.

Actually, I got myself a cushy little job working at a start up. You know, all that awesome  “young, urban adults having fun and making a business together, but we still totally shoot Nerf guns” stuff? That was me. I started working at this business with my own laptop sitting on a cheap rolling chair from Target that pulled into a folding table. Continue reading

Guest Post: Career Sellout?

13 Jul

Today we have a guest post that really resonates with so many of us. Our good friend Rick Ramos from Unseen Denver gives us some insight on how one can stay true to themselves while growing into a career. He charts the disconnect from idealistic youth to a centered and successful grown up who is happy with who he is. And really isn’t that all any of us want? You rock, Rick!

Not unlike many of you reading this, I work in a cubicle. Three and a quarter textile walls, a desk supported by file cabinets, with a computer full of folders containing various documents and spreadsheets. As all of this may seem normal to most, I sometimes wonder how this ended up being the life that I have chosen for myself. When I talk about work with my peers, I always seem to mention that I never thought I would ever work in an office. It never occurred to anyone to ask, and I never really thought about it until now; “What would I be doing if I didn’t?”

Let me offer some background for a little better perspective:

I am the first generation of my family to grow up outside of the ghetto. As a boy I ran around the mean streets of Denver, Colorado. You could hop a slow-moving train, in the suburban town I grew up in, and hop off at what I think is now the Riverside Park area (the story becomes fuzzier each time I tell it). It was an adolescence full of punk rock shows, skipping school and running away from home to sleep on bus benches or on the roof of buildings.

After high school, and a decade of Kerouac-esque American vagrancy (salted with a righteous distrust for all authority), I found myself back in Denver. I was sitting at a stylish Herman-Miller desk during the day and remotely training an office full of employees in India by night. I’m now writing the third chapter in this career story; complete with responsibility, authority and a fancy three-word job title.

“You may ask yourself: well… how did I get here?” -David Byrne

As I maneuver through the Great and Dirty Decade I think of the compromises I have made in order to grow up and merge with a society that I was largely against in youth. Getting up early to fight traffic so I can get to work on time to do the same thing I did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before… The 23 year old me never imagined the 33 year old me would ever exist. To answer the question of what I thought I would be doing if I weren’t working in a cubicle; honestly I’ve never thought about it. The surprising thing though is that I truly love my work. It is fun, cognitive, fulfilling and I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else right now.

When making decisions for my life I have always asked myself “Would teenage me think grownup me was cool?” As trite as that might seem, it has led me to a happy and comfortable adulthood. I have been able to live within the system, without the system. The glamour of a life full of punk rock and whiskey bottles in the gutter has become a life of punk rock and whiskey bottles with a swimming pool out back. It’s possible to become a grownup without selling out, buying in or wearing a stupid Matthew Lillard, SLC Punk office-monkey suit and tie. 16 year old me might think I was a sellout, however 23 year old me would be fucking stoked to know the man he was going to be. Being a grownup rules.

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