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Brunch (via Hot Sofa)

11 Dec

We get to spend our brunch with Enya from Hot Sofa and some of our other favorite lovelies tomorrow. Don’t be jealous!

I’ve gotta say, I’d never thought about the maturation of my brunch habits until Hot Sofa laid them out for me. Check it out. I think she hit the nail on the head.

Brunch I have a hot brunch date coming up on Sunday. After much schedule discussion, taking into consideration adequate time to accommodate for some holiday party hangover recovery, this group of friends decided on a time. One-thirty in the afternoon. Bring on the waffles! I fully expect this “brunch” to last at least three hours. I’d be shocked if it didn’t. Something about tasty food, catching up, and planning future events does not bode well for a sh … Read More

via Hot Sofa



16 Aug

Shut up! You do it, too.

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Let’s just start by saying Holy Fuck!!!! I can’t party like I use to. Sunday’s should really be my sabbath. When I was in my 20s 8 day benders were a walk in the park.  Now, in my30s, a Sunday of boozing, pooling,and bar hopping turns my Monday upside-down. Seriously, I’m hurting right now. Continue reading

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