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Our Most Gracious Thank You

18 Jun

Wow! Sara and I are chillaxing at our graphic designer friend’s house in total nostalgia.  I can’t believe it’s been a month already. How about you, Sara?

Sara: Right, and a helluva month at that! Thanks to our readers we’ve begun talking about things that really matter. We’ve begun to build a community. And thanks to our contributors, we’ve found that we’re not alone  in our struggle to navigate our 30s.

LeVar: Sara, do you remember that first post? GC33, what a brave soul you were. I <3 your face. Then we got the woman’s perspective on expectations from Kelly. I just wanna keep her in my pocket to give her x’s and o’s all day long.

Sara: It sure was nice to know that we weren’t alone in our questions.

And do you remember Alison’s moment where at her sister’s high school graduation, she realized that she was old enough to be her mother? Or when the Professor shared what it was like to be leaving his 30s? Or what it’s like for Lorrie as a mom in her 30s.

Or me, entering my 30s. All in the last month. Whew.

LeVar: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I’m still in awe over Ryan and his commitment to not drinking. Oh, and we will definitely never forget about Party Girl. Can I just live in her shoes for a week I’m sure my legs would look great in her 5 inch heels and a mini dress.

ED, you can unleash that 16 year old anytime you want. *wink*  Adam…”I can still party like I’m 21, but for the two day hangover.” Let’s just say Sara’s 30th last weekend has got to be a testament to that.

Sara: So true! So very true. Thanks for the warning Adam, sorry I didn’t heed it.

LeVar: I don’t know. In all this rambling what we’re trying to say is that we are deeply grateful and overjoyed by all of you and the unconditional support from great friends, talented contributors and this fearless community.

Sara: So thank you, readers. Thank you contributors. Thank you Var for crafting and curating this blog with me.  We had over 3000 unique viewers this past month. Let’s see what we can do from here on out.


Thirty is the new 16

20 May

When E.D. wrote in with a story about regressing back to teenage behavior, we knew she couldn’t be alone.

Age 30 causes teenage behavior to come back? Wait just a minute!

Well I’ve been 30 now for four months, which, by the way, was welcomed with one hell of a stomach virus…you can probably imagine what I was thinking – it can only get better from here, right? So after the terrible virus, everything was going pretty well at age 30 – I didn’t have too many complaints. That is until I decided to completely regress back to a previous decade.

From my recent 30-year-old experience, happened last Friday, I’m really hoping these crazy, raging teenage-like behaviors I’m dealing with will diminish soon.

Situation: At an awesome concert, a little intoxicated – I’m a 30-year-old single mom so I don’t get out much or drink much anymore – and the fantastic night ends with a little scene I decided to act out called, Drunk girlfriend gets pissed off boyfriend is talking to ex-girlfriend.

I’m pretty damn sure I haven’t done ANYTHING like that since oh, say, I was a teenager. I have now decided that the only possible explanation of this behavior is definitely because I am now 30. There can’t be any other reason I can think of, can you?

Man I felt like a complete idiot the next day when recalling yelling, screaming and making my sweet boyfriend feel like a piece of crap. He forgave my ridiculous behavior – thank goodness.

Yay for being 30 and Yay for teenage-like behaviors! Will they go away?

– E.D.

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