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theVar & Sport from Talk Thirty To Me (via 12 Questions)

15 Feb

Something great happened yesterday. Come on, you didn’t hear about it? Well, boopussy to you, because 12 Questions launched and made us their first interview. We haven’t watched the vid yet, but we trust them. [Remember, we both hate watching ourselves on camera.]

The 12 Questions dynamic duo made us feel so warm and fuzzy inside with their eloquent words about us. Bah! Who do they think we are. Trying to make us feel all sappy and shit. Eff that noise.

Tonight they will be holding a launch party at Rackhouse Pub from 5pm to 8pm. Get your asses over there and say hi to our scuttle bugs, Becky and Spencer.

I’m not going hold you up any longer. Go watch and be merry, scoundrels.

Welcome to our first post! To get us started, we picked a pair of scoundrels that embody the spirit of what we’re going for with 12?s: true individuals with brash, energetic, and unique voices who are doing something, building communities and shaking things up. In 2010, Talk Thirty To Me emerged as a provocative, entertaining forum for plugged-in thirty-somethings. The brainchild of social media strategists LeVar Battle and Sara Downey (better kn … Read More

via 12 Questions


Does a man’s sexuality change in his 30s?

25 Jan


Straight from his mouth to God's ears.

You may think I made that up, but no! Someone actually found TTTM by searching for today’s blog title. First, I’d like to offer up, “Oh, man, thinking about the sexual conquest possibilities really makes me squish.” Clean up on aisle Var, please.


Anyhoo, I can only assume that this Googler, or whatever, was attempting to find out if men tend to come to terms with their sexual curiosity in their 30s more so than any other decade of existence. Personally, if someone were to say yes, I’d contend bollocks. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, but that it happens when a person is comfortable enough with who they are and don’t worry about how the world views them. I’m not basing this on any statistics I’ve read or any specialists I’ve consulted. This is just my gut instinct.

Now this brings some questions to mind for me. 1.) Why would someone question their sexuality after 3 decades? 2.) <I pray the Googler is still following the blog, and if so, are you in a state of flux/questioning about your own sexuality? Do you have a friend experiencing this? Essentially, why did you google/yahoo/bing this string of terms? 3.) Hell, I want to know the answer to all of these when you substitute ‘woman’ for ‘man’. We’re dying to know your thoughts, so feel free to pipe up. In other words, comment. Do it!

I’ve gotta say I’m feeling very Dan Savage right now.

Please pay, and slip the envelope under gate

5 Oct

Parking in the city is a bitch. You city dwellers know what I mean, and Saturday night was no different for me. I came home in a rush to get to the loo, and of course, I’d already lapped 13 blocks TWICE trying to find a parking spot. So I settled on one off of the alley. Boy, was this a mistake. And here, all this time, I thought the Denver Department of Parking Something-or-Another was the pain in my ass I can’t rid. They have help!

Continue reading

And here’s Smokey!

23 Sep

Hello world! Meet Smokey The Bear The Person.

At least that’s what we’re calling the little one until he or she shows us the goods.


So the other day, we talked about life’s unexpected craziness. Well this one was a real humdinger. But we couldn’t be happier about Smokey!

We’re just probably not going to let Uncle Var babysit.  Um, yeah. Love you, Var.

My house; my rules!

1 Sep

I’m not sure about you, but when foot is set in my house, READ THE RULES. They are on the wall! Continue reading

I don’t want to grow up; I’m a big ‘ole kid.

27 Aug

Soooooo choice!

Lately, I’ve been contemplating my level of maturity (or the lack of). I’m 30. I’m without child. I’m single. I’m without child. Wait. I said that already. And, I wanna play. The problem is I think that people don’t take me seriously. Even as an educated professional, I feel like I’m viewed as a 25 year old, new graduate that doesn’t get the complexities of maturation. Continue reading

In case you missed it…

7 Aug

Our video from Ignite Denver 7 is up on YouTube!  Holy crap, it’s like we’re little, tiny, itty bitty, internets celebrities.


Ask Captain Falcon Punch!

7 Jul

Dear CFP,
A close friend sent me to very recently. As a single male in my mid 20’s, he said that I should read every story, think about them and use it as a guide on how to live the rest of my 20’s. So talk thirty to someone who’s on their way CFP: What’s the best advice you can give for how to finish out your 20’s?

Fuck hard and don’t regret it. -CFP


Dear CFP,

I’m really socially awkward. And I’m single. I don’t know what I need to do to meet people. Especially ladies. Please help. I’m terrible at bars and even worse at the online dating.

Dear Socially Awkward,

I hate to break it to you but that kind of self-defeating attitude is the reason you’re single and socially awkward.

Meeting people isn’t rocket science. Here’s an idea: stop being a pussy and start a conversation. If people aren’t being receptive to you, who gives a fuck? Keep talking until someone does. There’s a billion and one people on this floating rock who are just as socially awkward, if not worse.

Do yourself a favor and read this article:

Being weird on the first date is the “it” thing these days. Go fucking hog wild, my friend. Remember to write back when you find your soul mate. Now go to hell.

Hugs – CFP

Guest Post: Facing the Unknown

30 Jun

By Kelly Tidd
Blogger for Gum In My Hair

In the last three months I have had a relationship end, moved to a new place and been quitfired (a term I like to use when the company you work for mercifully fires you because you can’t afford to quit). So here I am, 31, single, unemployed and living out of boxes.

Mmmmm brothels

And I am happier than a sailor in a buy-one-get-one-free brothel.

My life has basically hit a giant reset button at a time where the unknown does not terrify me as much as it used to. When I was in my twenties, the thought of not knowing what was going to h

appen next in my life was pretty scary and I did a lot of things to make sure that I had control of my life and always knew what my next move was going to be.

But as my thirties approached, I began to realize that perhaps the unknown wasn’t as frightening as I thought, considering that the whole life that I had planned out for myself had pretty much become a prison.

The first step I took into the unknown was a divorce. I had spent seven years with the same man (I know in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that long, but trust me, it felt like an eternity) and the last two years were spent living with a person whom I grew to dislike more with every passing day. But because I knew what the next day held, I was reluctant to escape something that was slowly killing any enjoyment I had for life.

With a little help from several factors, one huge one being roller derby, I began to see that perhaps the unknown future isn’t so scary. So I took the plunge, packed a suitcase

Thanks, Mom!

and lived on an air mattress in my mom’s basement for a month until, lo and behold, things worked out in my favor and I was able to find a place to live on short notice with a friend’s brother.

So, there it was. Sometimes, when you jump into the unknown, the universe will provide for you.

Over the past several years since that first foray into the unknown, I’ve come to realize that I actually prefer living a life that is not planned out and I love not knowing what will come next.

So when I had another relationship end recently, was I sad? Sure. Was I scared? No. When I got fired from my job in the same week I was moving to a new place, was I scared? Not one bit.

I look at all of these unknowns as opportunities. An opportunity to be with friends and family and discover what else the world of romance has to offer me. An opportunity to reevaluate what it is I truly want to spend the rest of my life doing in order to make money. An opportunity for unlimited time to explore my new neighborhood and enjoy being outdoors in the summer.

So with an open mind, I am approaching the coming months and years with an excitement for the curveballs that may be thrown at me and for the unknown results that they may bring.

Unrequited love my ass!

29 Jun

By LeVar Battle
Blogger of StraightenMyTie

It’s bullshit. I studied English and Literature in college and thought the same thing then; however, I must admit, as of late, I’ve started to sing another tune.  There was a boy. He moved on for greener pastures. Now I’m left holding the bag to sow my own. The thing is, I ‘m still caught up on him. He doesn’t just cross my mind. He gets up in there, takes a seat, gives me the tisk-tisk and head shake then decides to cook breakfast for himself before leaving me in a state of “what happened to us?” And even though, this situation is stuck on replay in my head every day, I can’t bring myself to tell him—I Love You! You see before setting off on his endeavor we were just dating. No big commitment. Only dating.  And I fell hard. But now that he’s gone what do I do? He’s in another state. I’m here.  This has consumed my mind all night and today so far.

So I turned to the TTTM followers on Twitter and Facebook to see if others shared in my experience and what they thought of the notion of unrequited love. The conversation was interesting on TTTM Twitter. We asked, “Are we too old for unrequited love? When does it seem immature to love someone from afar instead of laying it all on the line?” One of the responses we received was, “Unrequited love is never immature, only the way we sometimes choose to handle it.”  To that I ask, “How can you measure maturity when dealing with such a concept as unrequited love?” Let’s face it. Love in general tends to make us act out of character, so to speak. What are your thoughts on how I should handle my unrequited love?

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