theVar & Sport from Talk Thirty To Me (via 12 Questions)

15 Feb

Something great happened yesterday. Come on, you didn’t hear about it? Well, boopussy to you, because 12 Questions launched and made us their first interview. We haven’t watched the vid yet, but we trust them. [Remember, we both hate watching ourselves on camera.]

The 12 Questions dynamic duo made us feel so warm and fuzzy inside with their eloquent words about us. Bah! Who do they think we are. Trying to make us feel all sappy and shit. Eff that noise.

Tonight they will be holding a launch party at Rackhouse Pub from 5pm to 8pm. Get your asses over there and say hi to our scuttle bugs, Becky and Spencer.

I’m not going hold you up any longer. Go watch and be merry, scoundrels.

Welcome to our first post! To get us started, we picked a pair of scoundrels that embody the spirit of what we’re going for with 12?s: true individuals with brash, energetic, and unique voices who are doing something, building communities and shaking things up. In 2010, Talk Thirty To Me emerged as a provocative, entertaining forum for plugged-in thirty-somethings. The brainchild of social media strategists LeVar Battle and Sara Downey (better kn … Read More

via 12 Questions


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