Still not done with your shopping?

10 Dec

We thought we’d toss-up another gifty-guidey thing in case some of you are like me and still shopping.

I seriously bought this for my big sister

My sister specifically asked for this exact item for Christmas. She’s a huge Buffy fan. I will tell you that if you intend to order this and want it by the 25th, you probably need to order it today. It took an extremely long time for them to get this to me. *Sigh*


For my bestie girl

These oh-so-amazing Morse Code Necklaces are not only gorgeous and clever, but they’re also affordable. I’m not a big yellow gold kind of girl, but I’d gladly make an exception for one of these. Kind of like a grown up friendship bracelet for your bestie. Awww tender.


For that pal with the seriously effed up sense of humor

For no reason at all, I was in bed the other night and busted out laughing about a scene from Reno 911 that I saw two years ago. What a great show.


For that special lady, or dude, or whatever

Hands down one of the most spectacular rings I’ve ever seen. I love it because it really feels like it’s more than a piece of jewelery. It’s telling a story, which I think is grand. Plus, it’s so purdy. And of course, super affordable. :)


For a dad – new or old

I sorta think this is hilarious, and what Dad wouldn’t get a good chuckle out of the fleeting thought of making his little ones walk the plank?


For the #fatty

A little snarky here, but in all seriousness, I’d love a year’s worth of workouts.  Um, and if you want to toss in some personal training sessions to promise that I actually take my lazy booty to the gym, I’d love ya forever.


What to die for gifts have you guys found this year?



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