You know you’re gonna shop…

3 Dec

Hanukkah started this week and Christmas is just around the corner. That means you’re probably in the throes of some hardcore holiday gift shopping.

If you’re anything like me, you are probably looking for gifts that are both awesome and meaningful. So I decided that while I’m shopping, I’d pass along some of my favorite finds for my favorite Scoundrels.

For the shoe whore

Toms is a super rad company that donates a pair of shoes to kiddos in need for every pair purchased. The Vegan Wrap Boot in Ash is so damned cute, I wanna punch a baby over them.  Looks perfect for those more temperate winter days. Plus, I bet they’re super comfy.


For that special Gleek in your life

Um, yes please. What fan of Glee doesn’t want that first awesomesauce season on DVD?  Journey, dude. Journey.


For the homebody

These tea cups make me happy.  I know I’d be thrilled to get this set as a gift. Not only do I love me some penguins, but I love the gentle reminders on each cup.  In fact, I may have to get this for myself.


For the drunk

Whiskey stones! What a great idea. Now your favorite drinker can enjoy their fav drink without bullshit ice ruining the delicious taste of alcohol.  On a related note: I really miss booze.  Who wants to get wasted on Cinco de Mayo with me?


For yo gurhl

Cashmere makes even the gloomiest days brighter.  And we all know how amazing 3/4 length sleeves look on winter coats, but how impractical that would be in oh, say Denver, or Chicago, or New York.  Problem solved with these 2-in-1 Gloves. I did mention that they’re CASHMERE, right?

For *that* guy

First of all, I’m just going to say that I love *that* guy. Secondly, I cannot rave enough about how much I swoon over the Mad Men illustrations done by Dyna Moe.  She’s so effing brilliant!  My apartment is adorned with 5 different prints of her illustrations from Season One.  Be jealous. She got the smack down from Lionsgate for making her art available for purchase and it was unavailable until this book dropped.  I’d say get it, before Lionsgate changes their mind.


For that bitchy friend you secretly want to see get fat

The Cranberry Bliss Bar. Seriously, screw her. 320 calories per serving. 18g of fat, 26g of sugar. Bitch.


For the lady with a GD baby on board

Being pregnant means you feel like shit nearly all the time. Sure there are moments when you suddenly have enough energy to clean the kitchen or  stay focused at work. But for the most part, I’ve found that you go into put your head down and keep moving forward mode just to make it through your day.  And on top of feeling less than fab, you have the most incredible aches and pains in places you didn’t even know had nerves. Round ligament pain, anyone?  Plus, you really can’t take anything for said pain other than Tylenol, which is a joke.  Some days a Mommy-to-be will find a new best friend in one of these heat packs.  Microwave, snuggle up and get some instant relief. Great for non-preggos too!


For that hard to shop for friend or child

Okay, dinosaurs are awesome. T-shirts are awesome. And really, everyone should have at least one cool shirt.


and finally, for your slutty BFF

Awww yeah. I mean, seriously, take your pick. What ho-ho-ho-riffic skank wouldn’t want something that will surely land them on the naughty list next year.  Or you can always get them condoms so they don’t procreate. #justsayin

That’s about it, Scoundrels. Happy shopping and I hope that bitchy friends gets fat, too. Mmmm hmmm.


3 Responses to “You know you’re gonna shop…”

  1. enyabiznass December 3, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    I know who needs the condoms. Breastfeeding aside, with a certain track record, someone might want to take precautions against Irish twins. Perfect gift!

  2. Dyna Moe December 4, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    Thanks for the plug!

  3. Jennifer December 10, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    I’ve had a crush on those boots for awhile. I have a pair of classic Toms and they are so comfy – plus I love the one-for-one idea.

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