Guest Post: Hells no.

3 Sep

We enter our 30s. We question mortality. It’s inevitable. Well, today’s guest post was faced with hers last week. If you haven’t heard of MRSA, I suggest you brush up on your literature. This staph infection is aggressive, resilient, and a nasty sonofabitch. More and more, I’m hearing of cases involving multiple surgeries, extended hospital stays, thousands of dollars, and yeah, sometimes death. So when my good friend F-U-MRSA submitted this to TTTM, I wanted to share it with all of you scoundrels immediately. Many of you may say, what a way to start a holiday weekend. I say, “Sit down. Shut up. And read!” Weekends, like this one, are prime MRSA transmission environments—people in parks fondling volleyballs, outdoor water fountains…other people’s genitalia (am I right?).

This is not meant to scare you or ruin you weekend. I just want you to be informed. I don’t know about you, but questioning how long I will be on this ride with you Scoundrels is one thing. Dealing with the fact that I haven’t seen my mom in months and may not see her ever again is a whole other jar of pickles.

F-U-MRSA, thanks for such a real post. xoxo –theVar

FUCK. What the hell just happened to me? I’m one of those married thirty-something’s and even more grown-up….I have TWO wee kiddies, one 2yr old and one 7wk old. DOUBLEFUCK. Literally.

I think I’m pretty cool, funny, hip….Jesus, now I sound like an old person trying to be cool, funny and hip. Who says “hip” anymore? Shit, I’ll be off to the sock-hop shortly. FUUUUHHHUUUCK.

Recently, I’ve had occasion to ponder being in my thirty’s – it came in the form of a life altering, nearly life ending experience. As I told theVar, I almost died last week. I’m a wife, a mother of two, a business woman, sister, daughter and I came close. To tell the truth, I’m actually not out of the woods yet, but through the marvels of modern medicine, it’s looking good.

I managed to get MRSA, (I thought it was “Mercer” until I got schooled) an antibiotic resistant staph infection, in my breast. I mentioned that I am the mother of a 7wk old, so I’m nursing….quite the predicament. In quick succession, I had three doctor’s visits, a PICC line (surgically implanted IV port) in my arm, a bag of super-powered antibiotics pushed into me, a vicious reaction to the meds and an emergency room visit (at the Aurora Medical Center – umm gross, if I didn’t have MSRA when I walked in, I sure as shit had it when I walked out) – in the space of about 8hrs. I walked in my door at 9pm feeling like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction after her cocaine overdose and adrenaline shot to the heart. I was soaking wet, had pulled a fistful of hair out of my head, had mascara streaked down my face and was wrapped in a hospital blanket. I looked like a homeless person for God’s sake; actually I’ve seen homeless people look FAR better than I did.

It’s a surreal feeling to have a conversation with the love of your life containing the words “I may die from this”. The terror I felt was compounded by the terror that I knew he was feeling. I read my daughter a book when I got home and cried the whole way through it, (while pretending we were just having fun and whispering the story) at the thought of this darling little girl growing up without me. Death. What? Isn’t that something that happens to old people? Good grief I’m 35, I’m not ready to die. FUHHUUCCKK.


2 Responses to “Guest Post: Hells no.”

  1. Dulce September 3, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    Good. God. I’m very glad you didn’t die. And I certainly hope you pull through. All the best thoughts and wishes for you and your family during this unbearably difficult time.

  2. Charli September 3, 2010 at 9:52 am #

    My mom just recovered from MRSA prior to total hip replacement surgery. I don’t think any one in my family realized how lucky we were that she took her daughters’ advice and got her abscess checked out when she did. It wasn’t until her hospital room was under lock down after her hip surgery that it hit us how serious an infection it was.

    I’m very thankful she recovered and that you have recovered!Thank you so much for sharing!

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