When life gets real: babies.

11 Aug

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After reading Sport’s post earlier today, I had every intention of writing some witty banter about how having a couple of Bébé’s kids that-would-best-benefit-from-someone-else raising-them would be effing hilarious.

Poppa theVar?

However, the more I thought about it; the more I realized: kids might be great someday. Having kids, allowing experiences I never had, granting them educational opportunities that would afford triumph after triumph–wow! That’s some dream that could be an amazing reality.

Dreaming aside, would it worth it to give up the life I have now. The freedom that makes me…well, me. These thoughts pop into my head from time-to-time. Okay, rarely, but when they do. Man, it’s pretty incredible. Me. Being a dad. Poppa theVar. Sounds good, huh?! Maybe not, but you know what I’m saying.

Who knows what may happen during this 30s ride. All I know: thinking about this is when life gets real.

–theVar On The Go


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